Is Diablo III (Switch) Worth Playing in 2023?

Diablo as an RPG series is definitely something. The story first started back in 1997 when the first game of this series was released. My first experiences playing Diablo were achieved as I played it on my PS1. I remember my brohter playing it more than I did. He really liked the game. There were many limitations compared to Diablo 1 on PC. I can definitely confirm this.

The second Diablo game was so effing awesome that I spend one weekend six hours straight playing it. This happened in 2000 and I was playing it with a PC. Playing this fast-paced game trying to find rare and powerful items and developing you character made me an addict. I ended up finally finishing the game a bit later.

Diablo has brought action to role-playing. It might have created a completely new genre of video games. It was among first real time role playing games. As turn-based games have their supporters moving and making attacks in real time is really something else. It is said to have taken inspiration from this hockey game of Sega Mega Drive called NHL 94 which was released only some years earlier.

Blizzard had really hit the jackpot. There are many other games, like some strategy games, that were released. I am talking of course about Starcraft and Warcraft. Games seemed to be moving forward and starting to form as real time games where quick thinking is definintely a requirement.

Today, we are seeing the rise of Diablo 4. It has been released for latest consoles just couple of months ago. It has received good ratings from many reviews. We are still waiting for it to take its final form as there are many updates and patches also being applied to this game.

Is it still relevant to go back one step and play some Diablo III? After over ten years of being developed, the third game of Diablo series was released, finally, in 2012. It even caused a serious problem in which the internet was heavily used and the connection was finally lost. This happened globally when Diablo III was released. The game required the player to connect after the game was installed.

We are still waiting how Diablo 4 will take its final, or at least stable, form. I found Diablo III to be a bit of a disappointment when it comes to graphics. Well, the game is over ten years old. I am currently playing it with Nintendo Switch. Controls are fine. I am satisfied in what the game actually offers. It can take tens of hours to finish Diablo III one more time.

I really like graphics of Diablo 4. Also, I really like the game pad of my Xbox Series X. It is a bit better than Switch’s Pro Controller. I really think Nintendo should include Pro Controller or a similar to the package in which the console is sold in. It is cheaper than some other consoles although. We are also hearing some rumours about the next Switch console being released next year. We might see, finally, 4K graphics in a Nintendo console.

Still Waiting for Diablo IV

I am eager to get my hands on the newest game in Diablo series. I got information on Friday that the game shop has delivered the package and it’s on the way. I know that some people have already got to play this game. I am jealous. As I am still waiting it might be a good time to go through what my relationship with Diablo series currently is.

I wasn’t a big fan of the first game of this action role playing game series. It was the second game, Diablo 2, that got me excited. I also played Diablo 1 with my PlayStation back in the late 90s. Diablo 2 I played with a PC. I think it wasn’t even released to other platforms. And of course there is this one game that I like also. It is, of course, Diablo 3. I enjoyed it also very much.

A friend of mine sold me these Diablo 2 PC big boxes. There is the original Diablo 2 and there is also the expansion, Lord of The Destruction. I am very lucky to have this items. I think they are valuable also when it comes to money. I am not going to sell them. Not any day soon, after all. As you might have figured I have lots of love for PC big box games. I have currently 16 boxes in my collection. I just love the way they look on the self. It makes me feel like a real gaming professional.

I also have played Diablo 1. I have completed it several times. There is this thing that makes Diablo games re-playable. This is the way that you can choose your character class and have a different experience and play the game through with a different character.

What makes Diablo games so spectacular? I think it is the way it combines action, strategy and role playing elements. I have read that Diablo was very much influenced by a Sega Mega Drive hockey game (would you believe it). This game was NHL 94. The first Diablo was released in 1996. The company that first released it was Blizzard. You might find a book called “Stay Awhile and Listen” interesting. It tells you the story of how Diablo came to be. It is written by David L. Craddock.

Diablo has always offered its players a great overall gaming experience. For me it has also brought me a step closer to role playing. While Diablo has many roguelike elements, it isn’t fully a roguelike game. In 100 percentage roguelike, or the oringinal game, Rogue, there are some features that aren’t as rough for the player.  One difference is that when you die you don’t have to restart the whole game with a completely new character. Instead you leave a body to the spot where you died and when re-spawning you have to collect the body to keep all your gear and potions and so on.

I like this series of games very much. I hope to see one great game. I might write another blog post about the game. By the way – I finished Forza Horizon 5 after playing it for almost 20 hours. There could be some other achievements to unlock but I am not that interested in continuing to play that game anymore. After all, the latest and maybe the greatest Diablo game is just around the corner.

Most Anticipated Games of 2023

We can begin this blog post with some information. This is the 200th blog post that I have published in this blog. I have been writing this blog for three years now. And, yeah, I am not going to stop since I have still lot to say and lot to achieve with Intensive Gaming Diary. Let’s dive into todays topic.

The gaming industry has been struggling a bit with the global situation. There have been delays in hardware shipments and a lack of electronic components. Game developers have been forced to adapt to the situation. Gaming isn’t going away. In fact this year we have the priviledge to witness some great games that are going to be relesed.

There are many new games to be released. Games I am personally waiting the most are Diablo IV and the new Forza Motorsport. Diablo IV will be released 6.6. and Forza Motorsport will be released 26.5. One game that I have already pre-ordered is Metroid Prime Remastered. It has already received some very good feedback. I am waiting to get to play it. It will be released soon (3.3.).

Some other interesting titles include Baldur’s Gate 3, Final Fantasy XVI, Starfield, Alan Wake II and Resident Evil 4. There are many more which I am not going to mention. It seems like we have a great selection of games this year and I think there is going to be lots of games to play.

I am still playing Gran Turismo 4 on my PS2. The status of the game states that I have completed a bit over eight percentage of the game so there’s lot to play also in this way. It seems to be a great racing game and I am very glad that I decided to pick it up. I seem to be constantly comparing it to the first game in which I fell in love with back in the 90s.

How did you like Alan Wake? It was first published in 2010. It was developed by Remedy. As a game it is a mixture of lightweight survival horror and action in 3rd person view. I personally found it entertaining. I completed it with my Xbox 360 already some years ago. It was released for PC also. And we are getting a sequel, Alan Wake II, this year.

One product I am waiting for is Nintendos new gaming console. As I am writing this we have not heard anything of this new gaming console. If you think that Switch was released in 2017 there is a chance that there is a new console coming to gaming stores sometime soon. After all PS4 was released in 2013 and after seven years we got PS5. So maybe the console will be available next year? Let’s hope for the best and keep waiting.


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