Spending Some Time With Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport was released almost two weeks ago. I was a bit sceptic towards it but decided finally to purchase it. As I have spent some hours already playing it I think it isn’t a total disappointment as a racing game. I think it is actually a very nice game.

This is the first Forza Motorsport for this console generation. We have of course seen games of this series been released and playable with Series S/X consoles through backwards compatibility. I am talking about games that were released originally for Xbox One.

I am a huge racing game fan. What I am not so inspired of are Forza Motorsport games. I get the point that Microsoft wanted to create this series of racing games to compete with Sony and their Gran Turismo series. I think GT is a bit better when it somes to a comparison. I especially have enjoyed the first GT, the fourth and, latest, seventh.

I am also waiting for the new WRC game. It sohuld be in our faovrite game shops 3th of November this year. I am not going to get this game in advance since there is always some problems with the delivery. This doesn’t mean that the game shop has done something wrong. I just can not believe that the game would be delivered in time of its release. Maybe I’ll get a digital copy, who knows?

EA Sports WRC has currently a price tag of 50 euros and it will be released for PS5 and Xbox Series S/X. We are not getting a release for Switch this time. I am not surprised. Switch does lack some power that it would need for hnadling this kind of a game. So far the reviews have been mainly positive.

So, lets make a conclusion right here. We have a new Forza Motorsport game currently in our hands. It is a decent racing game and provides some fun racing gaming times. The price tag was 70 euros. I think the price is a bit high. It doesn’t make it sound any better that the price of the digital version is same. If you are into racing game you might want to pick this up. If you are tight on your budget you might want to save some money for the upcoming WRC game and maybe you want to buy this game after its price is getting lowered a bit sometime in the near future.

This game isn’t percfect but it stands as a decent new sequel to this very legendary racing game series. I think that’s it for this blog post. Thank you once again for reading. You are the ones that I am making this content for. Do, please, remember that. And keep reading the blog!

Most Anticipated Games of 2023

We can begin this blog post with some information. This is the 200th blog post that I have published in this blog. I have been writing this blog for three years now. And, yeah, I am not going to stop since I have still lot to say and lot to achieve with Intensive Gaming Diary. Let’s dive into todays topic.

The gaming industry has been struggling a bit with the global situation. There have been delays in hardware shipments and a lack of electronic components. Game developers have been forced to adapt to the situation. Gaming isn’t going away. In fact this year we have the priviledge to witness some great games that are going to be relesed.

There are many new games to be released. Games I am personally waiting the most are Diablo IV and the new Forza Motorsport. Diablo IV will be released 6.6. and Forza Motorsport will be released 26.5. One game that I have already pre-ordered is Metroid Prime Remastered. It has already received some very good feedback. I am waiting to get to play it. It will be released soon (3.3.).

Some other interesting titles include Baldur’s Gate 3, Final Fantasy XVI, Starfield, Alan Wake II and Resident Evil 4. There are many more which I am not going to mention. It seems like we have a great selection of games this year and I think there is going to be lots of games to play.

I am still playing Gran Turismo 4 on my PS2. The status of the game states that I have completed a bit over eight percentage of the game so there’s lot to play also in this way. It seems to be a great racing game and I am very glad that I decided to pick it up. I seem to be constantly comparing it to the first game in which I fell in love with back in the 90s.

How did you like Alan Wake? It was first published in 2010. It was developed by Remedy. As a game it is a mixture of lightweight survival horror and action in 3rd person view. I personally found it entertaining. I completed it with my Xbox 360 already some years ago. It was released for PC also. And we are getting a sequel, Alan Wake II, this year.

One product I am waiting for is Nintendos new gaming console. As I am writing this we have not heard anything of this new gaming console. If you think that Switch was released in 2017 there is a chance that there is a new console coming to gaming stores sometime soon. After all PS4 was released in 2013 and after seven years we got PS5. So maybe the console will be available next year? Let’s hope for the best and keep waiting.


Waiting for Forza Motorsport 8

Forza Horizon 5 was released in the fall of last year. I didn’t pick it up for some reason. Maybe I was so much into playing Diablo II Resurrected and Call of Duty – Vanguard. And to speak about it I’m not really such a fan of Forza Horizon series. I have to say that I am more into Forza Motorsport.

So there’s a new Forza Motorsport getting released soon. It is speculated that se might see it in the end of this year. However the final release date hasn’t been told. I have some knowledge of the first and also of the third game of this racing series. Actually, as you have probably seen from this posts featured image, I picked up, again, Forza Motorsport 3 and started playing it.

It is a very nice game. The graphics are a bit rude as you compare them to later games like Gran Turismo 7 on PS4. You have to consider how old Xbox 360 really is. It was released already in 2005. So we cannot compare it directly to these newer consoles. But if you put graphics aside you will find this game to be a nice and very playable. I am somewhat familiar also to the first Forza Motorsport game that was released in 2005. I don’t currently own a working original Xbox but you can however play this game with Xbox 360 because it has a backwards compatibility. Every original Xbox title doesn’t however work. I usually check a list from Wikipedia to see if a game is compatible. You can find it fast from your favorite search engine if you are interested.

I really like racing games. You might have noticed this. I first got into Gran Turismo and it was my first really realistic racing game. I played it a lot. Later I picked up some other racing games. At a time I had a keen interest in Need for Speed Shift one and two that I played with my PS3. That was maybe in 2010 or 2011. Back then I didn’t play so much retro games. And now, some years later, I found Gran Turismo again. I really didn’t like Gran Turismo 5. And of course I have to mention Colin McRae Rally series that progressed to Dirt series later. I think Dirt 3 and 4 were really good. I have some history also in Dirt Rally 1 and 2.0. Who doesn’t remember Richard Burns Rally? You have to really try it although it is already a bit old racing game.

So here we are. We are waiting for the next game in a series of racing games released for Xbox consoles. I think I will have some space left in my Xbox Series S for the new Forza Motorsport 8. I don’t know who won the race of these racing games. It is obvious that there is a competition between Xbox and PlayStation. I kind of finished Gran Turismo 7. I played it for about 40 hours. As there is some time I have to think if I should try finishing the third Forza Motorsport game. I have also played a bit Flatout 2 whic was develop by Bugbear which is a Finnish game company. You might want to check a game called Rally Trophy. I end this post by saying that Gran Turismo 4 was also a really good racing game.

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