What Creates The Passion Towards Video Games?

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The question that I am trying to answer in this blog post is, as the title says, “what is the key in any video game” and “what makes you so attracted to it”. There is this certain simplicity. The video game that you love to play creates the rules, gives you short term and long term goals and then you start figuring out how you could beat the game. I have noticed that the older I get the more I tend to find some sort of a strategy when I play a video game.

I find this topic very interesting and I am hoping to keep you reading and also interested in this topic also. Please, I beg you, hit me with some feedback right away, if my text feels too boring or too plain. Just let me know if this is the case. You can send me feedback to my email or message on Instagram. I always consider seriously any feedback you want to give.

Lets get back to the matter of fact that I was starting to explain right here. I think what appeals in any game is these rules and different strategies you can have. I think games somehow reflect reality. They also offer a way for the player to interact strongly. This is something so much more than what books, music or movies can provide as a way to entertain the person that is consuming the entertainment.

There have existed games for many thousand years. People have played foot ball. For how long has for example chess existed? So, there certainly is something in playing a game that makes us attracted to it.

What makes a video game a very good one? For me the attraction forms deeply because I have always been around computers. You have heard of this if you have been paying attention to this blog. I was four years old as I got my first experiences of personal computers. Anything you could do  with that thing made me eager to learn more. This lead to me one day programming a piece of text based adventure game. I didn’t even realize what I had achieved. Basically I just made some “IF…THEN” clauses and made the user make some choices in the game. I used QBasic.

The technology is certainly attractive. I guess we are naturally attracted to things that seem to simplify and help us in our routines. Computer as a word is very descriptive. That’s what it does. It “computes”. There are many parts in a computer. Maybe the most important form of use for a computer is making difficult calculations fast and faster than a human ever could.

Another approach to this matter is what this guy called Steve Jobs, a man that had a very keen vision, always, was talking about. He said that computers are bicycles for minds. He meant as a way that a bicycle gives you more speed also computer adds up your own mathematical or creative performance. The computer enhances your ability to make solutions. You don’t even have to be a programmer to witness this fact. I think applications like image manipulation software or some software sequencer for music production or even a real time strategy game can enhance your way of thinking a lot.

With computers we have used to being able to solve something. It can be a puzzle in a game, a strategy for a driving or shooting game that can make you successful. In my current job I solve users problems. This is closely connected to the technology that can be used. Problems vary a bit. In any ways knowing about technology makes you a savvier user of a computer and also as a video game player.

If you are looking this posts featured image you can find some consoles that I currently have in my setup. I wanted to makes the picture a bit gloomy so I turned off the lights and turned on that LED light that resonates with the wall behind it. This makes the whole room look very cool. And cool is good in the summer time. The consoles I have right here are, from left to right and up to down, Mega Drive Mini, Nintendo Switch, Retro Trio, PS3, PS2, Nintendo GameCube and Xbox 360. I also have on top of this shelf my Xbox Series X. It isn’t visible on this picture. I also have some other consoles in storage. The ones I named are the ones that I can use instantly. I also use PC for gaming. It’s located in my home studio or working spot or home office, whatever you like to call it.

That light on the back of the shelf is a stripe of LED lights. I bought it from Myyrmäki some years ago. That shelf is from IKEA. It is actually a bookshelf but I use it for this purpose. I can recommend it for a truly enthusiastic gamer. There are also some bigger shelf available but I like this one. It is maybe a bit too high to be a TV stand. But it is a decent choice if you have to fit something like eight video game consoles on it.

I think this is enough for this blog post. I hope you got some new ideas. I hope you’ll like this post. I might write longer blog posts since it might be nicer for the reader. I write every time I get a good idea for a blog post. It might be about a game that is about to be released, some other news type of subject, a game that I have been attracted to lately or some other subjec that I am interested in. It is very warm at the moment here in Finland. It’s a nice weather all in all. I am hoping to go swimming and as Finnish people say “throw away my winter fur”. This is a very nice matter. And right now this blog posts word count is a bit over 1000 words. I think I am going to stop here…


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