Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (PS2)

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is a nice football, or soccer, game for PlayStation 2. The graphics actually don’t look bad at all and it also feels kind of comfortable to play the game. While the newest sport game can today be a disappointment you can definitely pick a game like Pro Evolution Soccer 6 and play it for a while. I had to adjust the difficulty level a bit. There are five choices and I picked, finally, the second easiest difficulty level. I plaid with “Regular” difficulty level but soon found out that it was too hard for someone who hasn’t played a soccer game for a while.

When I did play with the “Regular” difficulty level I had a some, well, difficulties. I couldn’t make a run and this impacted so that I couldn’t get a goal. Also defensing was harder and the opponent was able to steal the ball more easily. As soon as I lowered the difficulty level a bit I discovered that I was able to make a goal and also to win a game. I first played with Lazio and then, as I started with a lower difficulty level, with Manchester United.

Now, I am not a huge soccer fan and I rarely watch it on a television (or maybe on a smart phone). However I do have a sort of passion for these good quality soccer games that we have seen many in the past decades. I used to play a lot of Pro Evolution Soccer 11 with my Xbox 360. My Xbox 360 broke down a while ago. I did try to clean it from dust with a can of compressed air but finally didn’t manage to get it to start a game. The problem was with it not running the disc. Everything else still works but I eventually removed it from my actual setup that is located in our home’s living room.

I do play lots of sport games. Sometimes it does feel like we are getting the same crap every year. It sometimes seems that we are getting the same game that was already released last year. The only way that the game was updated was that the rosters and teams were fixed. I have played especially the NBA2K series a lot. I do play also hockey games. I have to say that every sports game isn’t a bad game. There are definitely some great games that can be categorized as sport games. I can mention one of my favorite retro games and that game is NHL 94 for Sega Mega Drive.

I remember very clearly seeing some soccer games back in the 90s. There’s a lot of nostalgia involved with soccer for me. Back then, in Finland, there were only three, maybe four, television channels. It was pretty huge thing for us living here back then to have some soccer games shown on television. I watched when Jari Litmanen played in Amsterdam Ajax. He was an international soccer star, one of the best players in the whole world and he was also, of course, from Finland.

A video game like Pro Evolution Soccer 6 doesn’t cost a whole lot but it can bring some joy to a motivated gamer’s life. I found myself playing this soccer game already for some hours. I think you can get this game for maybe ten euros. If we compare Pro Evolution Soccer 6 with the latest soccer game that was released we can find out that there isn’t actually a whole lot that has changed. This seems to be the case with sport games. The sport doesn’t change but the video game does take a small step forward and this seems to be the case every year.

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