Returning to Halo In The Form of Master Chief Collection

master chief collection xbox one

It’s been some years that I played the first Halo game. It was probably on Xbox 360 but I can clearly remember when I got my first touches to this game on original Xbox. The year must have been 2006. The first Halo was released for PC also. I have it as a physical copy that I managed to buy from re-use center only a few years back. I also have Master Chief Collection on PC. I bought it through Steam and it was clearly on some kind of sale when I bought it.

What it comes to Master Chief Collection for Xbox Series X I can tell you that I only recently bought it. Yes, it was the time of this years Black Friday. So, I did buy something on this years Black Friday. I am not so big fan of this event or season or whatever you call it. I think this has become too important for everyone of us. Well, maybe I have to just adjust to the situation. Let me just tell you that it is ridiculous how much people buy stuff during this time of year. And you know that the amount of stuff you have in your  apartment has been increasing. This has happened, I think, in overall in almost every apartment.

Halo was released in 2001. It was a remarkable game. It wasn’t the first first person shooter that we got for a game console. What it was was surely one of the first games that successfully and finally brought FPS games steadily to also consoles. Before this we really couldn’t play games like this with a game pad. The first FPS of this kind must have been Golden Eye for Nintendo 64 and it was released in 1997. This was the beginning of the era when you wouldn’t necessarily need a mouse and a keyboard to play these types of games that were strongly categorized as games for only PC.

The first Halo offered tight shooting action. The controls were smooth. The crosshair was a bit larger than it had been on some earlier games of this genre. The game was set in some kind of a futuristic and fantasy type of environment. The world of this game looks and feels beautiful. Since this is a remaster of the original game the graphics have been improved. The latest Xbox controller also improves the average gameplay a lot.

I have completed 70 percentage of the game. By this I mean only of the first game – Halo: Combat Evolved. The collection comes with every Halo game that was released before and including Halo 4. I bought the collection when I realized that the only Halo I have completed was Halo 3. I paid only about 25 euros for this collection. It gives you a good value. Since I got my Xbox Series X and removed Series S from my current setup I have bought many games as physical copies.

I have to tell you that I had a slight issue with installing the game. The menus appeared in Korean. I had to make a search for some guidance and finally found some video that showed me how to change the language to English. The game didn’t seem to offer an option for selecting the language to Finnish. But that’s OK for me. I don’t like to hear or read Finnish from a game and since I read and write also very good English it doesn’t matter to me at least so much.

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