Won The Championship, Finally

nba2k22 screenshot

First of all, I have to say that I have played this game a lot. I am talking about NBA2K22. This was my fourth full season that I played with my player. I have worked with this game for about 140 hours. That’s a long time for a sports game. But you know how NBA2K games tend to be. So, it’s not a big surprise.

My player is a small forward. I have had in previous NBA2K games a player that was a shooting guard. I have also tried to play as a point guard and also as a center. I don’t really remember if I have already created a power forward. My main skill as this player was scoring. I wasn’t so good at shooting three-pointers. Well, I was decent, after all. I didn’t also have so much height. This made me not to get so many rebounds even if I was positioned well to grab the ball.

I really like NBA2K series. I previously finished, some years ago, NBA2K14. This was the one that I finished as a shooting guard. I have played also several other NBA2K games with PS4, Switch, PS3 and now with my PC. This game brings the most realistic and entertaining basketball out of, I think, all basketball games released, ever. Well, I have to say that NBA Jam holds a special place in my hearth.

As an addition I too have a background in playing basketball. I played for seven years in a competitive level. We had a good team. Eventually things got very serious. It was also tough to study in high school. I had very tight schedule. It also doesn’t pay your bills if you only play basketball. So after many glorious, so to say, years in a hobby, I decided to quit playing basketball. I haven’t played in a team since then. And it’s been over 20 years since I quit. But, I do have some knowledge and you can say that I am a big fan of basketball in many ways. I even have had some plans to make a basketball simulation strategy game but that would be another topic for another blog post, I think.

I have a Xbox One Elite Pad and I played this time this game with my PC.  I am a bit dissatisfied with my current display. My computer has a powerful graphics processor and it gives a clear 4K picture. It would give if I had a sharper screen. Why am I still playing with a Full HD display? The main reason is that my work station fits only a 22 inch screen. And the other is the price. You might have to spend several hundreds of euros for a 4K display. I think it is soon time for me to buy a new Xbox Series S/X controller for my PC. I am going to buy a regular controller instead of a new Elite pad. I might write something about it in the future.

So I kind of completed my journey inside NBA2K22. Actually, I have already bought NBA2K23. So things are looking like I am going to play some more basketball, soon. I have thought about also some other games that I would like to get into. I have thought about starting to play Space Quest series and especially the third one in the series. I finished Space Quest II back in the day. This is the only Space Quest I have finished. It would make sense and it would be very interesting.

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