How Does The Business of Selling Used Video Games Work?

If you have been involved in gaming or playing or collecting video games for several years you might have faced the issue of not getting your money back from a game that you bought just some months ago. You are trying to trade the game and get a good price, right? Obviously this doesn’t work this way. Because the game shop you are dealing with has to make a living. You can get maybe 20 percentage of the money you paid for the game…if you buy a new game…with that money. Does this seem complicated or unfair? Let me explain this to you so we all can understand this issue better.

Of course if you are willing to sell the game yourself and directly to another collector or player you can get a decent amount of money out of the game. Game shops are facing the fact that they have to be profitable. There are lots of expenses. Shipping of products that are coming into the store, rent of the premise and or web services for a web shop and of course the subsistence of all of the workers. Now this is a business right here. You can make a living out of this. Easy it isn’t but possible it is (did that sound like Yoda from Star Wars?).

There are several companies here in my home land, Finland, that operate this type of business that I have described right here. They might have a shop, maybe even two or three shops, and of course a web shop. There are also many smaller shops that sell games here. You can also find some people that are interested in selling some of their game collections and we have platforms like Huuto dot net and Tori dot fi for someone who wants to sell any used stuff. And I must mention also re-use centers and flee markets whose prices are usually lower since they get the stuff they sell mainly for free. And this is where we get to people that take advantage of this and…it isn’t very nice as you can figure.

Where do you get games for a low price that you can sell to some collector? I know some people that have received an estate that has contained games. Usually there is a huge collection to be sold. And if you buy the whole stack you get it in a fair price, right? Now we are starting to figure this out. You can sell these games piece by piece. A game collector is someone that needs maybe one game or two or three games that he or she is missing from his/her collection. So you can sell a few game for a decent price and make a profit a bit by bit. This is the magic of selling used games. You buy a large batch and check the unique games prices and you will get a profit out of this.

What makes the used game’s price high or low? One important thing is the condition of the game. It can be a sealed copy. It can have a manual and all of the covers. Or maybe its a loose game with generic cover or no packaging at all. PC games can be packaged in so called “big boxes” that make them more valuable. And the condition of the box matters. It matters also how the labels look like and does the CD/DVD disc have scratches on it. Sometimes the condition of the game can be enhanced quite easily. I am not going into that so deeply.

Some games can also be rare ones. They might be so good that no one just wants to sell them. They can be rare in a way that they weren’t even so popular when they first got released. These types of games are just uncommon. Some games gained popularity and valuation only when some retro hobbyists noticed their true value. Some games are so amazing that they seem to define a whole gaming system. These types of games can be something like Super Mario for NES or Sonic for Mega Drive or something similar.

Should you sell your old games? This is a tough question. I regret selling my old PS1 back in the beginning of the 2000s. The system and all the games I had for it would have been so much more valuable for me today compared to the price that I got from them then. Like, I sold all of them for under 200 euros. If you consider only the money this is clearly a financial loss for me. And I would have liked to play these games still. I just didn’t seem to have such an interest for retro games back then. You have to consider how I got back into playing video games in 2006 when I got my original Xbox. And…it was 2017 when I started my plans for starting to collect older and retro gaming systems again.

For some years already I have been writing to this blog. It is very interesting. However this is only a way for me to express my thoughts. I am not currently getting anything financially from this. And so is the way also that game collectors necessarily don’t get anything from collecting games when it comes to money. Game shops do make profit. That is a good thing. Without them we wouldn’t have a place to trade and buy games.

What is it like to work in a game shop? Sometimes it is busy and sometimes there’s only a few customers. It can be a place to build your dreams and fantasies. It is definitely a technical job. I also got to write, of course, blog posts for the game shop that I worked in for six months. The biggest parts of my job were handling and shipping orders, responding to customer feedback and being a customers servant face-to-face and also in some other ways. It was a fun job. It was a busy job. And ultimately…it was barely profitable.


Types of Games I Am Interested in Right Now

So, I am writing this next blog post about types of games, new and retro, and also gaming systems that I am right now interested in. I will also tell you my view on what are some popular devices right now. I am also trying to give you an idea of what games and gaming consoles are popular and also yet to be released. I am trying to give you an idea of what I am looking forward to inside gaming.

This posts featured image gives you a clear picture of some of games I have recently acquired. It’s all Xbox. I have here two games for Xbox 360, four for original Xbox and one also for Xbox Series X. I have ordered also some other types of games. I ordered recently two survival horror games for PS2. Those were Forbidden Siren and Resident Evil – Code Veronica X. I also bought NBA 2K23 for Series X.

Also I have to mention that I got a game for PS2 titled Ecco The Dolphin – Defender of The Future. I also got Luigi’s Mansion for Nintendo Switch. I have to mention also Final Fantasy VI for PS1. I actually play this now on my silver PS2 console. And I have one more game that I have purchased recently. That game is Metroid Prime Remastered and it is for Switch.

So these are games that I have bought recently. There’s quite a lot of them. I almost forgot that I got also some Sega Master System games. These are very cool games. They can bring you lots of nostalgia. They represent the 8-bit era of gaming and they were released in 1980s. These titles were Psycho Fox, Wonder Boy and Super Space Invaders. I play these games with my Retro Trio console that can play Sega Mega Drive games but also Master System games because I have an adapter for that.

If we talk about retro for a while I can say that I have plenty of games in that category. I have that Retro Trio console that can play NES, SNES and Mega Drive games. I have two adapters –  Master System adapter and a SNES adapter for Game Boy games. I also have a mini console that I can play Mega Drive games on. It is the first release of Mega Drive Mini. I haven’t had a chance to get into Mega Drive mini’s sequel.

I also play PlayStation 1 and 2 games. I have also my eyes on Nintendo GameCube games. They are a bit rare right now and most games are a bit expensive. I would like to get more consoles. I have been interested in Saturn and DreamCast. I have also Game Boy Color that represents my handheld part of my game collection. I don’t have a single game on Game Boy Color. I would like to get a Pokemon game some day. For NES I have plenty of games and the same goes to SNES. For Mega Drive I have several games mostly because I owned these already back in the day when it was the most popular consolle.

That’s it about what do I currently have and also things I have recently got. What are the things inside gaming that I would like to have? We can start from two new games that haven’t been released yet. These are Diablo IV and Forza Motorsport. I do know that there are many other interesting games coming at us this year. One game that I am a bit interested in is Final Fantasy XVI. That might be interesting.

For SNES and NES I mainly keep my focus on loose cartridges.The same goes with Game Boy games. They are a bit cheaper. I am not a person that looks for cardboards for these types of games. I do like PC big box games and that’s one more category I am collecting for. There are somne legendary titles mainly for NES that I would like to add to my collection. There are lots of nice shoot-em-ups for SNES and Mega Drive. I find those also interesting.

I am also looking for original Xbox titles. I currently don’t have original Xbox in my setup. I do have Xbox 360 and it can play original Xbox games. It doesn’t play all of them, however. I like to pick games that you can play with my X360. I have an intention also to get some a bit rare and kind of hidden gems for PS2. I am aiming for games that aren’t so expensive.

Which games are expensive today? Which games you can right now get some good money from? I would say that GameCube is popular. I have seen many games and consoles for sale lately. Eternal Darkness is popular. Also Silent Hill and especially the first three games are popular. System Shock 2 as a big box is popular. In overall I have observed that these prices have gone up in just five years.

I suggest that you keep your games to yourself. If you do need some money you can sell a game or two. If you aren’t palying them and if you aren’t even displaying them it might be a good idea to sell them. You can turn to your local game store or sell them for some person. In Finland we have at least two channels for selling your games (Huuto dot net and Tori dot fi). You can get a better price by selling your used games to some person instead of a gaming store (which is very understandable).

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