Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare

Some days ago I completed Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare. This game is actually from 2007. It is the fourth game in the series. It brought the player from WWII to some more recent activity. The weapons are, well, more modern. You get to feel some exciting and thrilling moments as nuclear missiles are about to be launched.

Somehow all this talk about warfare and it being modern is a bit tasteless. It just feels more comfortable, at least for me, to play in the scenery and weapons of the second worldwar instead of playing a game like Call of Duty 4. It isn’t a bad game. That’s not the case. I just prefer older warfare.

I played this game with my Xbox Series X. It is originally released for Xbox 360 (among other platforms). This is a great example how you can take an old game, that”s not yet type of a retro game, but still somewhat legendary, and utilize Xbox’s backwards compatibility. The game doesn’t cost a lot at the moment. Of course you can try to find a cheap used copy from your favorite flee market (just like I did when I bought this game).

The game doesn’t really stand out. It is of good quality just like you would expect a CoD game to be like. There is a Call of Duty game released almost every year. It’s kind of amazing that this has been going on for so long. The graphics have come a long way since 2007. Otherwise I don’t find a reason to complain.

HowLongToBeat tells that it takes seven hours to complete Call of Duty 4. That seems accurate. I think that is exactly how long it took for me to play through the campaing in “Regular” difficulty level. I have played a lot of Call of Duty. So, selecting “Casual” as my difficulty level was really not a question. There is actually a short test at the beginning of the game that gives you an advice if you are wondering about the matter of difficulty level.

Call of Duty games can be exeperienced with a keyboard and a mouse or with a game pad. Of course the first mentioned method of play is only an option if you have this game for PC. Of course you have to own a PC to experience the game like this. I didn’t consider a whole lot. I chose game pad and Xbox Series X just because it feels, today, more comfortable to me. It has been a while since I played a first person shooter with a mouse and a keyboard.

I might write, in the next blog post, about John Romero’s book, Doom Guy, that I have almost finished. The book has been very interesting to read. As Romero goes about his life you get to read also some tips and ideas of what was game development like back in 1990s and even later.

As you might have figured I like to play these Xbox 360 games with my Xbox Series X. It a bit sad that the backwards comaptibility is actually supported on so few titles. We are talking about 633 games out of all 2 155 games that were released. Also the support for original Xbox covers only 63 titles out of 998 released games. You can probably find some of these games also as digital copies.

I actually had some sort of an idea to buy PS5 since I heard that it was sold for only 500 euros. The version of PS5 that you can play only digital copies of games was sold for 400 euros. Since I already have the latest Xbox console along with the latest, at this moment, latest, Nintendo console, I figured that getting also PS5 would be somewhat pointless. And you have to remember that Switch 2, or whatever name the device will finally have, propably gets released during 2025.

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