Final Fantasy XVI Is Released Today (But Only on PlayStation)

My latest consoles that I own are Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch. This means that I am not so excited about FFXVI getting released. What would I play it with. Man, it isn’t even released on PC. What can you expect from this game? I do have a PS4 but I am not so content with its powers, you know. The console is already ten years old technically speaking.

I was excited about Final Fantasy XV when it was released. It’s closest relatives seem to be FFXII and FFXIII. FFXV made some experiments which made playing it to feel more “realtime” and more of an action RPG. It had a huge open world map. It was basically a nice RPG with lots of main and side quests for the player to explore.

This thing about Final Fantasy games is that it takes a lifetime to finish even one of them. I did play NBA2K22 for longer than 140 hours but it isn’t a game with a strong storyline. Also I have this certain appeal on basketball since I have grown up playing it and wathing these NBA and national level games. I have a strong drive to basketball and it is very enjoyable and relaxing to play a game like NBA2K.

What I am not so familiar or a fan of is all these fantasy elements. I don’t read a lot of fantasy boooks. Should I read them? No, I don’t think so. This matter combined to some a bit boring and repetitive content just isn’t something I would spend over 100 hours in to. I am sorry. I know some of you like fantasy. I am more of a science fiction and non-fiction type of reader.

When it comes to Final Fantasy games I did play FFVII and I finished it. It took me a very long time. And for a long time this was the game that I had spent most time playing. I like Diablo games. This brings me to this conclusion that I like to see action in gaming. And in movies, too. I love these Max Payne type of scenes and I also like Matrix and John Woo movies. Feeling enough of a nerd now do you? Well, at least I can say honestly that I am a sort of a nerd, also.

It is interesting to see how FFXVI improves or modifies the concept we have seen on FFXV and also FFVII Remake. I am a bit curious about reviews of this game. Heck, I might even buy it, if it gets released on Xbox Series X or PC. So, we have to wait and see. How long will it take to complete FFXVI? What kind of a story it brings to the table. If you have just bought this game – I wish you luck.


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