Silent Hill Remake

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Yesterday I heard, or exactly read, some very interesting information. There is going to be a remake of the first Silent Hill game that was released for the PS1 back in the end of the 90s. This wouln’t be a simple remake. This would be a remake done with Unreal Engine 5.

Unreal Engine 5 is especially designed to bring you the latest and most realistic three dimensional visual experience. I remember being a bit sad when I got myself a Silent Hill HD Collection for PS3. I was disappointed that there wasn’t a HD version of the first game in this series.

For many the first game of Silent Hill series isn’t necessarily the best one. For me this was very important game. As you probably have figured I have a liking in PlayStation 1 gaming and games. PS1 was and still is very important for me. So all in all I am very glad that this is actually going to happen.

I first got into Silent Hill as I played the first game. I was later very interested in Silent Hill games. I have played two and three a lot. As I got to know Homecoming and The Room I liked them also. The game that got my attention off of this series was Downpour. Was it like the fifth game of the series? Something like that. There has been many Silent Hill games.

What was it about Downpour then? The first thing that got me thinking about getting rid of this game was that it got bad reviews. I decided that I should try the game still. I remember also getting it for maybe 20 euros from discount or something like that. So I inserted the disc to my PS3 and started playing. OK. I am playing the game. All of a sudden, I can’t believe I remember this so clearly after all these years, I got a knife in my hand. I am in a shower room. I see a big person there. And guess what…I am going to have to kill this poor beeing to proceed. That was not for me and I decided to turn the PS3 off at that point.

I think that’s actually the point when there wasn’t anymore new Silent Hill games getting released. There were some rumours but that was actually all there ever was. Resident Evil series has continued. So maybe it is time for us to see some more Silent Hill games again.

I am definitely waiting for this remake to appear. I’ll leave a link for the YouTube video for you to watch. It looks very nice and you should go check it. Here’s the link:


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