More Games for Nintendo GameCube?

resident evil gamecube

Earlier this year I bought a gaming console. It was a retro console. Actually it was Nintendo Wii. I was well aware that it was capable to run also GameCube games. I had to buy also a memory card and a controller. This was nice.

Now, about ten months later, I haven’t played Wii so much. I currently have three games for it. I only have one GameCube game. You can see all my Wii and GameCube games in that featured image I took. So I don’t have so many Nintendo games. I do have Switch Lite. At some point I was considering getting the regular Switch but I decided not to buy it. At least not yet. This is also because I’m running out of space. I am also considering to selling or giving my Xbox Series S to a some of my connections if I get my hands on a Series X.

As I wrote early this year I was then hoping to get to know more about some Nintendo games. I have purchased some NES cartridges, some SNES cartridges and games for Switch Lite. This is a nice beginning to my journey. I have always been around Sega, PlayStation and Xbox. I don’t so much about Nintendo. I would like to get to know this topic a bit better.

You cannot mention Nintendo without mentioning Nintendo 64. It would be cool if there would be a mini console of it made available. I have read so much about Zelda – Ocarina of Time. I don’t actually have room for N64 in my small, or not-so-small, gaming corner I have in my living room currently. N64s controller can definitely raise some eye brows.

But to the point, again, I don’t have so many games for GameCube. They can be a bit pricey. I have heard about Eternal Darkness and there is, I think, some good Mario games also released for it and available for me to purchase. So, the game I do have is Resident Evil. It is a remake of the survival horror game that was originally released for PS1 in 1996.

Actually, any advice on this would be appreciated. I don’t know if you want to recommend a game for me or is this the right channel for it. But it was nice to give you something to read again. I am going to write some more stuff here soon. I just yesterday purchased CoD Vanguard and I am spending some time with it. I also might have something to say shortly about how it felt to play Crysis 2 and maybe even how it is as FPS compared to any Call of Duty game and what are the biggest differences.

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