Is a Cheap Game Always a Bad One?

cheap ps1 games

We have two very good games here for PlayStation 1. Do you know how much you would have to pay for a game like this? If you don’t know you can make a guess before I tell you the answer that I have. I bought these games for no less, or more, than 10 euros per piece.

We are talking about some high quality games. THPS2 is a definite classic. No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking isn’t a bad game at all, also. In fact it was featured some time ago on a popular Finnish video game magazine as a some sort of a hidden gem that everyone probably would not recognize as a classic high quality retro classic.

If you take a look at some PS1 retro game titles you can find that many games have a price tag of several hundreds of euros. What makes the price of some games so low? And how does these different factors infect the price of a retro game?

If you consider THPS2 you can figure that it was a popular title. Lots of gamers bought this when it was first released. So there are currently more used copies available. If you would like to compare this to something more rare and/or expensive think about Castlevania Symphony of the Night. It costs something from 200 euros to 900 euros considering the condition and some other factors.

If you want to save some money or want more value for your games I can recommend inspecting some private people that are selling games. You can find these from for example eBay or some other similar website. In Finland we have “huuto dot net” and “tori dot fi”. You often find cheaper prices there. It is also more beneficial for a game seller than just to bring your used games to gaming shop for discount or a minimal sum of money. This is of course understandable from the perspective of a retro gaming shop since they have to maintain profitable. You can clearly understand this.

Prices of retro games have been high and it seems like the prices are only getting higher and higher. You can however find these titles for as low as 20 euros that also give you something for your hard earned money. Just check some of these cheaper titles. There are good quality and cheap games available for most systems. Some of these systems are PS2, GameCube and/or Mega Drive and Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES.

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